As female drummers, we crave the exhilarating feeling of slamming our little hearts out on the drum kit. The pure auditory and physical rush is inescapable. The raw feeling of the beats reverberating through our bodies, the aggression that we release with each strike, and the physical rewards we reap from moving our bodies made us fall in love with drumming.


Although getting to the gym was often a challenge, drumming, making music and listening to music always came easily. We always secretly wished that staying in shape could be as fun, stress relieving and freeing as playing the drums. And the POUND seed was planted.


What would a drumming workout be without drumsticks? We’ve invented unique, lightly weighted exercise drumsticks that have been specially designed to get you ripped — hence the name: Ripstix™!


  • They’re Weighted: At ¼ lb, these specially designed drumsticks are twice the weight of a standard 5B Drum stick and slightly shorter in length. After first designing the workout with regular drumsticks, we implemented these design modifications to alter the physics of your arm movement and maximize your workout. These small changes get you burning more calories!
  • They’re Green! Neon Green isn’t just for fun. Studies show that color is important for the brain to detect motion and neon green is one of the most detectable and easily processed colors! Thus, neurologically, using these green sticks helps you detect your own movement (motion distinctions) as you work out. Trust us: there's real science behind POUND!
  • The Reps will get you Ripped! You will pound your Ripstix™ more than you will ever realize — about 15,000 reps per class!


Whether you rock out at a POUND class nearest you or you’ve decided to grab our DVD (Ripstix™ included!) for an at-home POUND sesh, you know that this hot drumming workout would not be what it is without our special Ripstix™!


They’re made of durable plastic and can go through airport security — so take your Ripstix™ anywhere!