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Welcome Backstage, where you’ll dig in and get the out-of-the-gym and out-of-the-box tools you need to life a healthy, fit, balanced life! We know
that POUND will whip you into tip-top shape, but cannot stress the importance of eating nutritiously, discovering new wellness solutions and
connecting to a unified and accountable community enough. Community is everything to us, and it’s everything to your health!


We’ve met some of our dearest friends through POUND and were inspired by the sense of one-ness, support and camaraderie we found within every POUND class around the world, no matter the continent. We decided to represent this experience interactively and replicate the friendship and
passion of the POUND community in an online platform– the Backstage Pass. Backstage bridges the distance between the POUND family and plugs
the entire POUND POSSE into one continuing conversation about health, happiness and love.


The mission of the Backstage Pass is to provide viable and reliable information, unique tools, multi-modal resources, a sense of one-on-one support,
and a multi-media platform that ultimately catalyzes personal growth, wellness, friendship and happiness for POUND students and instructors across
the globe.


Backstage is designed to act as the gym’s “other half,” the solid backbone of an effective POUND exercise regimen. We are committed to creating
and unique and diverse lifestyle and nutritional solutions that bolster the physical success of the POUND method.


The ultimate goal of the Backstage Pass is to replicate the sense of community and “togetherness” found in POUND classes all over the world in an
easy to-use, engaging and aesthetic online platform.




Backstage, you’ll find:


*POUND Workouts: moves, tips, and sequences for strength, weight loss and well-being to rock along to at home! All you need are Ripstix–
get your pair here!


Tuesday Tweaks: make a HUGE difference in the way you look and feel, one tiny TWEAK at a time! Recipes and culinary solutions that eliminate the
need to diet.


Nutritional Support and Tips: our own methods for eating well while traveling, at work, or on-the-go– working around a busy lifestyle and staying fit is
what we know best!


Challenges and Competitions: What’s more motivating than winning a competition? Monthly challenges that keep you connected and accountable to yourself and the community.


Discounts and Giveaways: Exclusive discounts on The POUND Line (apparel), POUND PRO Trainings, and partner brands, plus opportunities to win
FREE gear!


Your very own POUND Starter Kit and your very first #POUNDPERK are on the way– we just love giving you free stuff!


We can’t wait to see you Backstage!

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